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Good Morning,

 There is plenty of work to be completed today.  
  • PLP work is moving along and we have some awesome speeches.  Don't forget to practice giving the speech!  We are willing to give feedback.
  • No Math meetings today, but contact us if you need anything.
  • Science Meetings - 10, 11, and 3.
Fancy Dance Information 

Jun 04, 07:36 am (about 19 hours ago)

Happy National Egg Day and Repeat Day!

Support Meetings
10:00 am - PLP 
11:00am - 7th Grade Math
1:00 pm - 8th Grade Math

Jun 04, 07:11 am (about 19 hours ago)


Good Morning Team USA & Friends,

We are off to a good start this week.  Each class has some work to be completed today.  Make sure to check each of your Google Classrooms to find out what you need to do.  Some things you may see today - PLPs, volume, probability, biodiversity, Boston Tea Party.
Today's Meetings
8th Grade Math - 1pm
We hope you have a great day!

Jun 02, 07:58 am (2 days ago)


Team USA & Friends

Welcome back.  We are down to the last 2 weeks of the school year.  Wow!
Everyone should be making sure they are working on their PLP speeches.  Make sure to practice reading and sharing your final speech.
Today's Meetings
7th Grade Math - 11:00
8th Grade Math - 1:00
National Say Something Nice Day
VIDEO - Say Something Nice Today.  It is contagious.  

Jun 01, 07:38 am (3 days ago)


Good morning Team USA & Friends,
We sure are fortunate to have such great weather.  We hope you have been able to get outside to enjoy it, but make sure you drink plenty of water and use some sunscreen!  If you are avoiding going outside because it is too hot, there is some work to be completed in your Google Classrooms.  Check each class for what you need to do.  Get your work done today!
Today's Meetings:
Science Meetings - 10, 11, and 3.
"I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today."  - Wimpy

May 28, 09:46 am (7 days ago)

Happy Hump Day Team USA,

Another hot day headed our way today!  Drink plenty of water and enjoy the heat.  Think about all those cold days we "made you" go outside!
Make sure to check in with all of your Google Classrooms today to make sure you are meeting the deadlines.  
Don't forget about checking in with us when you need some help.  Use the office hours or contact us.
Today's Meetings
7th Grade Math - 11:00am
8th Grade Math - 1:00pm

May 27, 08:51 am (8 days ago)


Happy Tuesday, Team USA!

It sure was nice having that long weekend.  We are excited to finish our last few weeks with you.  
Did you know that today is National Paper Airplane Day?
Some little known facts about paper airplanes! 
  1. The largest paper aircraft had a wingspan of 59.74 ft. Students and employees made it in Germany on 28th September 2013.
  2. The distance record (226 feet, 10 inches) was set by Joe Ayoob, with a plane in February 2012.
  3. The record time for the longest-lasting paper airplane flight is 29.2 seconds.
Today's Meetings
8th Grade Math - 1:00

May 25, 07:21 pm (10 days ago)